The Early Stages

Children ages 3-6 are introduced to theatre with CTW’s Early Stages Company.

Theatre Classes for The Early Stages

3-4 year olds

Parents are encouraged to observe and participate in this weekly, 45 minute drop-in class for young people ages 3 and 4. Our teacher will incorporate song, movement, and puppetry to guide our youngest performers into improved theatrical understandings and practices. There is no established registration or fee for this class, but donations for supplies and the teacher’s time is appreciated.

June and July 2017 3-4 Year Old Dates
(All 10:30 am-11:15 am)

June 17
June 24
July 8
July 15
July 22
July 28

Stay tuned for August 2017 dates!

5-6 year olds

Introduction to theatre, using play and story drama to introduce character development. Students will begin to practice auditioning and basic theatrical terms.

Students ages 5-6 in the Early Stages Company students attend one-hour classes on Saturday mornings for 8 weeks.


Fall 2017 Class Times for 5-6 olds:

August 19-October 7, 2017 (Saturdays)
9:00-10:00 am

Fall 2017 Early Stages Performance

   The 5-6 year old Early Stages performers will rehearse 10-15 minute plays, which will both encourage reading and accommodate for students who are very early in their reading skills. These plays will be selected once the class roster is set, to better ensure the students are set up to succeed. Each child will do an audition in their class, and the teacher will assign roles to each child.

Rehearsals will begin around August 28th, and will meet once a week from 6-7 pm. The actual calendar will depend on the students’ availability.

The Early Stages students will perform their 10-15 minute plays on October 7, 2017, at 1:00 pm, in the Tansey-Zimmerman Theatre at CTW. This will be a free and public performance, with costumes and sets.

Tuition Costs

$100 per semester for the 5-6 year olds
($10 off if you pay in full by July 14, 2017!)
For information about scholarship, click here.

3-4 year old classes are free–we will accept donations to honor the teacher’s time and cost of materials.

Important Dates for Early Stages Fall 2017

June 23, 2017
Early Bird Registration opens for Fall 2017

July 5, 2017
Scholarship Applications for Fall 2017 are due

July 21, 2017
Early Bird rates close for Fall 2017

August 12, 2017
Last day to register for Fall 2017

August 19, 2017
First Day of Fall Classes for 5-6 year olds

August 26, 2017
Payment due for those using the installment plan: $25

September 16, 2017
Final payment due for those using the installment plan: $25

October 7, 2017
Last Day of Fall Classes for 5-6 year olds

October 7, 2017
1:00 pm performance for 5-6 year olds

November 17, 2017
Early Bird Registration for Winter/Spring 2017 opens