For Giving Tuesday 2017, we at the Children’s Theatre Workshop are asking you to help us raise $4,050 for our 2017-2018 Scholarships.

Children’s Theatre Workshop charges families less than 50% of what it costs to provide theatre education programming for each child. Tuition covers ten hours of theatre class and all the costs for each child to participate in our productions.

But some families need financial assistance, and we don’t want to turn anyone away because of financial need.

For the 2017-2018 Season, CTW has committed to $4,050 in scholarships for students, and we are asking our friends, families, and community allies to help us raise the money to provide these scholarships.


Help us raise awareness about the amazing work CTW does with Toledo-area young people, show off the value of a CTW theatre education, and let’s get sneaky!

Between October 6 and November 28 (Giving Tuesday), collect as many Sneaky Staff Selfies as you can!

What’s a Sneaky Staff Selfie?
It’s when you take a selfie with a CTW staffer,
but they don’t know it. Like this!

(See? Executive Director Aimee Reid is clearly in the background, but she doesn’t know she’s in the photo. That’s a Sneaky Staff Selfie!)

Collect Them All! Here are the 30 Sneaky Staff Selfies you can collect between October 6 and November 28:

The Regular Sneaky Staff Selfies…not too difficult

-Any photo with Haven
-Any photo with Trina
-Any photo with Jalesa
-Any photo with Aimee
-Any photo with Laura
-Any photo with Pat
-Any photo with Rick
-Any photo with Sarah
-Any photo with Diane
-Aimee drinking from a mug
-Trina eating a snack
-Rick with a pencil stuck in his hat/over his ear

The Advanced Sneaky Staff Selfies

-Trina with her hair down
-Pat in a suit
-Diane with her Stage Manager binder
-Aimee carrying a stuffed dragon
-Rick carrying a stuffed dragon
-Laura with her Stage Manager binder
-Aimee visibly wearing red
-Pat drinking water
-Trina wearing lipstick
-Any CTW staffer inside the Lois Nelson Theatre

The Super-Difficult, Nearly Impossible Sneaky Staff Selfies

-Rick wearing a button-down shirt
-Laura wearing a dress
-Sarah with her hair down
-Pat carrying his Drax mug
-Diane not wearing black
-Trina with a coat on
-Aimee without a grey cardigan/sweater on
-Rick without a hat on


-The Sneaky Staff Selfies must be taken between October 6 and November 28…no old photos!

-It needs to be a selfie: no photos of just the staff. It needs to be you, with the staff in the background.

-The staffer must be easily identifiable. It’s okay if it’s blurry, but we need to know for sure that it’s the CTW staffer in the photo.

-If the staffer is looking at the camera in the photo, it’s not a Sneaky Staff Selfie! It doesn’t count!

-No doubling up on photos. One Sneaky Staff Selfie where Pat’s wearing a suit? Check it off the list.

-Parents and students can play!

-Rules for phones in rehearsal, classes, and backstage still apply. If you can’t have use of your phone, please don’t break the rules. If you do, you’ll be disqualified.

-Don’t post the photos until November 28, which is Giving Tuesday! Posting early doesn’t count!

-You can post on Instagram or Facebook.

-For the photos to count, you must use the hashtags #ctwtoledo and #givingtuesday2017


6 Sneaky Staff Selfies: 1 free popcorn from our concession stand at the next CTW play you attend

12 Sneaky Staff Selfies: 1 free black or turquoise CTW T shirt

18 Sneaky Staff Selfies: 1 free CTW hoodie

24 Sneaky Staff Selfies: 2 free tickets to each of the remaining CTW productions in the 2017-18 season

30 Sneaky Staff Selfies: Free tuition for the Winter/Spring 2018 semester!

Prizes will be announced by December 1, 2017!