The CTW Experience

Children’s Theatre Workshop (CTW) offers an inclusive environment for children ages 5–18 of all backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles where they have the opportunity to study many aspects of theatre arts, develop valuable life skills, and produce quality plays.

Our students learn all the facets of a stage production, including writing, acting, set design, and behind-the-scenes work. CTW’s informal, classroom-based structure promotes self-expression, critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork. All students enrolled in our classes are eligible to audition in plays that are put on for live audiences, but those who are stage shy have plenty of other ways to contribute and participate.

We are a nonprofit, 501c3 organization that is proud to serve the community.

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Players (Ages 5-8)

Introduction to theatre, using play and story drama to introduce character development.

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Ensemble (Ages 9-12)

Designed to accommodate students new to theatre while providing challenges to the more experienced.

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Teen (Ages 12-18)

Hone acting techniques as well as gain technical, design, and leadership skills.

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Recent Productions

The Unprincess
by Edith Weiss When the immature and power hungry Princess Cecily drops a dirty shoe into Maggie’s water bucket, our heroine sees the stark contrast between the pampered lives of the royals and the powerless and poor lives of the villagers. Angered, she puts a bucket on her head and wears the princess’s dirty shoe,…
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Mo the Terrible
by the Ensemble students of CTW Mo, a fairly typical guy if not for his hideous features, is just trying to get by in New York City. One day, while singing karaoke at his favorite diner, mysterious puppies seem to hypnotize everyone and take them hostage at the Empire State Building! Mo realizes this is…
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